All inclusive monitoring software for structural and geotechnical long-term safety assessment.


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MIC provides an integrated processing, analysis and long term archiving of monitoring data related to in-service structures or geotechnical assets, from the plausibility control of automatic or manual records to the preparation of personalized graphs and reports.

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Today, many dams or other civil structures are monitored with the MIC software worldwide

Verzasca dam (Switzerland)

220 m high arch

Pian Telessio dam (Italy)

80 m high arch-gravity dam affected by AAR

Cerro del Aguila dam (Peru)

88 m high gravity RCC dam

Melide-Grancia tunnel (Switzerland)

1.7 km long tunnel equipped with multicell piezometers

Groupe E dams (Switzerland)

Monitoring of 8 dams (arch, gravity)

Carmena dam (Switzerland)

Monitoring of the landslide on the reservoir left bank

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